Market orientation of economic development of the enterprises predetermined human resources as a key component. Thus the task of HRM is one of the most important function of HRM department.

According to the experts’ assessment there are five main functions that the managers perform: planning, recruitment, organization, management and control.

Bever Human Resource Management (HRM) is a unified solution unifying the mentioned functions in a complex system of HRM:

  • Planning and setting goals and standards, developing rules and forecasting key indicators in future;

  • Personnel recruitment and suitable workers for various positions, testing, assessment of specialists on the basis of requirements and criteria of matching;

  • Organizing works and their assignment by departments and employees. Forming job descriptions and role assignments of the employees.

  • Administration and management of the organization of work - stimulating assignments, motivating subordinates, etc. Consulting employees, their training and skills development;

  • Monitoring work performance process, verification of quality correspondence and performance productivity according to the accepted norms and standards. Making necessary changes in work organizations to achieve scheduled indicators.

Additionally Bever HRM system allows to increase efficiency in solving the following tasks:

  • Planning of requirement for the personnel and certification for selections of candidates

  • Training of new employees, the organization of trainings and seminars

  • Evaluation of execution and salaries. Motivation and benefits

  • HR management, personnel arrangement, personnel list by departments, branches, holdings, etc. and timekeeping

  • Social security (health, medical services, insurance, staff protection and rest)

  • Stimulate sense of responsibility among the personnel

  • Dealing with complaints and labor relations


Bever HR Management System allows the HR managers to work with staff, to achieve success in the planning, organization and personnel management by effectively solving the basic problems associated with the choice of the right people, a clear system of motivation, evaluation, and analysis.

Bever HR Management will allow our customers to achieve the maximum results in HRM questions. The future belongs to the managers who can better manage in changing conditions and support the intracompany image at high level achieving employee performance and their dedication to the company. Bever HR Management System will help managers to solve these tasks and achieve their goals.

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