Bever Portal is a solution supporting unified work and efficient enterprise content management. The solution is a unified information system, managing the business-processes and associated documentation and organizing efficient cooperation with the customers (B2C), partners (B2B), as well as collaboration of the employees (B2E) of the enterprise. Bever Portal unifies developed means of organizing the document flow, business analysis and reporting, as well as the means of quick corporate content search using integrated and unified platforms. This platform is built based on open standards and the best technologies of enterprise content management.

Main Advantages

  • Maximal Productivity allows the employees to increase the productivity and provide quick access to the knowledge regardless the location of the employee and device used.

  • Reducing costs and fast return of investments by unified management of IT infrastructure and consolidating solutions to support the works of intranet, extranet and Internet.

  • Quick response to business needs and significant reduction of implementation time of business tasks management.

  • Reliability and safety of information by implementing developed means of managing security and role definitions of the users working with the system.

  • Quick response to business needs by dynamic and available implementation of solutions.

  • Easy integration with the existing corporate data, systems, means and processes.


Bever Portal, built on modern technologies and platforms unifies in a whole

  • sites, communities, blogs and networks

  • web applications

  • business analysis and reporting

  • content management and corporate search of information

Bever Portal solution can be easily adjusted for a concrete industry branch for efficient organization of collaboration by setting the mentioned functional components and organizing complex enterprise content management, information search, business analysis and reporting.

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