Bever CRM Solution – new level of customer service and efficient sales, marketing and service management.

This solution is built on Microsoft® Sharepoint, Microsoft® Dynamics и ASP.NET platforms, it is a unified complex system providing high productivity of the employees’ work through the customer service and is based on modern technologies and platforms.

a powerful customer relationship management tool is at the basis of Bever CRM which allows to:

  • Significantly increase the quality of inquiry and request processing time, reduce the service cost and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Increase the quality of marketing campaigns management and analysis of return of investments

  • Reduce the cycle and sales value by efficient control of all the process (“funnel”) of sales and increase the quantity of the closed deals

Bever CRM provides a new level of collaboration and personnel productivity, based on modern technologies with familiar and intuitively familiar tools for management, reporting, business analysis which include:

  • Electronic worksheets (excel), text editors (Word), e-mail, outlook and other office applications

  • Technologies of manageable user scenarios and panels of key users with instruments of quick search and access to the required information

  • Flexible integration with systems providing messaging, video and audio conference call for the efficient collaboration

Industry advantages of Bever CRM system

This solution is easy adjusted to any industry branch and is ready to perform a wide range of tasks of any branch of economy – government, trade, energetics, construction, education, etc. Besides this Bever CRM performs typical branch tasks for any company, such as: analytical support for management (study of market segments, evaluation of profit and customers, products and services), increasing the company profitability (increasing company sales, increasing profitability derived from the work of each customer), increasing the control of the personnel in particular the monitoring of the production and performance goals set by management, quality and timeliness of order processing and applications, etc.

In addition to the mentioned solution Bever CRM allows:

  • all the branches and partners of the company to work in a unified system in a unified interface;

  • generate reports of any complexity according to all necessary inquiries;

  • monitor information of partners and customers in real-time;

  • Form a unified database of the users (customers) for different programs of loyalty;

  • keep the records of payments, identify debts and automatically generate corresponding notifications;

  • maintain service support in a unified basis for all the offices and branches and manage all the corresponding processes;

  • Evaluate the efficiency of marketing campaigns by binding the invoices and payments on those accounts to the specific marketing campaigns;

  • Increase the number of service customers by reducing the processing time of applications (orders).

This solution may be integrated with accounting system with the set role policies, access levels and safety policies. Thus, taking into account management of users all financial and logistic information will be reflected automatically in system and regularly to be synchronized for avoidance of repeated input of the information.

Thus the directors, managers, financial officers and other users will always have access to the actual and complete information according to the role policies at any time.

Solution components:

Bever CRM automates the following business-tasks:

  • Request (order) processing and support of deals during the whole “lifecycle” (from request till customer shipment);

  • Generation of catalogues of finished products/services and making up the pricelists. Keeping records and distributing products/services according to the shipment;

  • Forming, developing and archiving source accounting documents (accounts, invoices, etc.);

  • Reflecting and archiving the whole customer and partner relationship history.

To organize specific business-processes, prepare corresponding business analysis and generation of supplementary reporting the addition of functional components in Bever CRM is possible. The system architecture which is based on modern technologies allows to use it as a platform to create business applications which support not only customer relationship management but also other business tasks, such as work with supplier, management of specific production, IT and capital assets management ( autopark, equipment, realty, etc.), processing inquiries of citizens and judicial person in governmental institutions, branch management, etc.


Bever CRM will allow to achieve:

  • Reduce the costs of attracting new customers, increase the quality of marketing data and the capability of ROI analysis on marketing campaigns;

  • Reduce the cycle and cost of sales, sales funnel management and increase the number of closed deals;

  • Increase sales, reducing the customer maintenance costs and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Modern technologies and platforms (MS Dynamics, ASP.NET, Sharepoint , etc) based on which Bever CRM is developed provides incontestable advantages for the users of all levels and company subdivisions:

1. Advantages for the executives of the company

  • Complex CRM solution including marketing, sales and maintenance management units covers the whole range of customer relationship tasks;

  • Powerful analytical advantages including the panes of key indicators for the executives, gives management control;

  • Usual and familiar role user interface reduces costs on personnel training;

  • Low TCO and quick result of implementation provides high ROI.

2. Advantages for IT managers:

  • Easy integration with Microsoft office and other Microsoft solutions including the possibility to work with Microsoft outlook;

  • Ease and flexibility of settings of business processes and system objects;

  • Capability to quickly integrate the system with other applications;

  • Using standard manufacturing technologies of Microsoft for support and administration;

  • Modern architecture providing scalability, continuity and safety;

  • Efficient management of service works and technical support.

3. Advantages for the employees:

  • Increasing the productivity and easy collaboration;

  • Ease of work with necessary information (quick search and generation of necessary reports);

  • Efficient planning of individual work and task management;

The information accumulated during the operation of the system, will improve analytics for the most essential needs (for example, the profitability of customers, forecast needs, the allocation of the most popular products, etc.). By the help of Bever CRM company employees will be able to efficiently coordinate the work of customer orders and significantly reduce the time of order processing cycle thus increasing the satisfaction and loyalty of the customers.

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