Bever Planning & Analysis is a system of operative and financial planning, presenting the companies broad opportunities of creating, comparing and evaluating planned and actual indicators based on developed business instruments of analysis and financial reporting.

By the help of Bever Planning & Analysis a unified business model for companies of all sizes and industry branches may be created.

Variety of reporting by actual and planned indicators may be created.


  • High productivity of employees by using developed means of analysis and quick reporting

  • Flexibility and ease of use through an intuitive interface, ease of integration with spreadsheets and other office applications, as well as by the possibility of rapid changes in business model in real time

  • Unified platform allows to receive unified data with actual key indicators and reliable information to make reasoned decisions in real time.

  • Common standard of business intelligence with a unified system of business efficiency management


  • Support of financial and key data and various models of planning

  • Capability of dynamic adjustment in the planned targets

  • Visual control by the help of information panel of monitoring

  • Automation of business processes connected with endorsement and approval of plans

  • Full functional integration with spreadsheets and other office applications

  • Support of wide range of input data source

  • Availability of tools for constructing metrics and scorecards

  • User configurable notification and alert system


Bever Planning & Analysis system may de easily adjusted for the companies of different industry branches. Bever Experts have a long-term experience in preparing industry solutions with expert support from the company partners, world leading companies in IT industry – IBM®, Microsoft®. Bever company solutions are implemented on highly efficient platforms and technologies from IBM® and Microsoft® directed to increase the quality of forecasting, planning and management and accordingly the overall productivity of the organization.

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