Bever Asset Management is a complex solution for efficient management of enterprise’s assets.

Bever offers a complex solution which provides productivity and efficiency of keeping records and managing capital assets of the enterprise during the whole lifecycle.

This solution allows to efficiently manage the following components of corporate assets of any enterprise:

  • IT equipment

  • Software and licenses

  • Contracts and service level agreements

  • Material resources, realty, machines and other technological equipment

  • Procurement, current consumables, etc. through their whole lifecycle.

Bever Asset Management is an all-in-one unified platform which allows controlling all the resources of the enterprise, exploring idle potential, optimizing and reducing both capital and operational costs of the enterprise.

The following types of works of IT assets management for each asset group can be distinguished:

IT Infrastructure support

IT building, data centers, server/computer rooms, commutation distribution racks, offices, work places – desks, shelves, safes, storage room, identification, authentication, and access control equipment (turnstiles, access cards) and other security devices.

Management of IT Environment

Fire alarm and fire fighting equipment, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), systems providing air conditioning and uninterrupted power supply (air conditioners, power supplies, alarm and notification systems).

IT equipment maintenance

Severs, data storage equipment, desktop and mobile computers, work stations, peripheral and telecommunication equipment – modems, routers, printers, copiers, faxes, multifunctional printers.

IT services assets

User authentication and computing process management services, hyperlinks, intranet screens, proxy-servers, network services, wireless connection services, antivirus protection services, intrusion detection and preventive maintenance, remote work, security, FTP, e-mail, web services, software services, service and maintenance contracts support.

IT service personnel

Employees and managers, in particular the specialists involved in managerial work, executive managers, software developers, testers, system managers, security administrators, operators, employees of financial and judicial department, advanced users, system administrators, information security specialists.

Temporary employees, external consultants/advisors, sub-contractors experts, suppliers and business partners.

Implementation of asset management system allows the organizations to:

  • improve the cost effectiveness while reducing costs and risks for maintenance

  • increase productivity and efficiency of decision making (modernizing, change management, etc.);

  • reduce total cost of ownership of the assets by increasing their maintetance and support efficiency

One of the main development directions of asset management system is the enterprise’s IT infrastructure management objectives. Bever IT Asset management solution is the basic component of the complex solution on enterprise asset management provided by Bever Company.


  • Assessment of the current state, audit and accounting of IT infrastructure components

  • Development of a strategy on optimization of IT infrastructure by step-by-step planning the equipment upgrade. Justification of IT budget.

  • Optimization of expenses on IT upgrade.

  • Change management of configuration and asset migration. Exploitation of upgraded IT components. Procurement planning and management.

  • Agreements’ management. Controlling the performance of warranty service and maintenance work.

  • Financial reporting. Business analysis and reporting.

One of the most important functions of the asset management system is the procedure of complex management on an enterprise lifecycle and asset management. This procedure includes Service Level Agreement (SLA), monitoring the provided service level, change management and optimization of new implementations. Thus the system manages the process from request generation into scheduled and off-schedule works up to actually performed campaigns and their results. Another key system is the agreement management system relating the assets and capital assets such as purchasing hardware/software and their licensing, rental, leasing, outsourcing, labor agreements, etc.

Another important component of the asset management system is to manage inventory, which provides access to the information about the related assets required to maintain inventories and supplies. This task is included in a subsystem of purchase management providing all the processes of procurement among the enterprise related with the inventory.

Main advantages

1. For the enterprise executives

by cost optimization:

  • decommissioning unprofitable assets

  • purchasing new assets and their value proposition

  • upgrading and reconstructing current assets

2. For service departments heads

  • Control, assignment and coordination of performed works on service and equipment usage/использованию оборудования

3. For service department employees

  • efficient work planning

  • prompt intervention and fault removal during asset troubleshooting

4. For customer service department employees

  • complete control of customer inquiries and requests for organization of their service

  • reporting and business analysis to improve the quality of service (QoS) and profitability

5. Financial department

  • timely data acquisition and quick formation of reporting documentation

6. Economic department

  • efficient cost accounting of repair and enterprise asset maintenance

  • receiving reliable data for preparing further scheduled indicators

  • optimization of stock inventory management


Bever Asset management is a complex solution providing productivity of asset usage and extending their life-cycle by increasing efficiency of asset management while reducing costs on their maintenance and service.

Bever Asset Management = efficient usage of assets + maintenance cost reduction Additional information:

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