Implementing Unified Communications (UC) systems allows to reach better business results by efficient cooperation and collaboration. Unified Communications (UC) provide easy, efficient and informative communications by the help of e-mail, instant messages, audio and video communications as well as data exchange. Unified Communications Management systems are capable of improving the means of work efficiency, business application and business processes, by the help of improved communications means. UC provides the users easy, integrated, reliable and secure infrastructure to satisfy the broad spectrum of requirements of modern organizations in collaboration and enterprise management efficiency.

Bever offers unified platform which integrates:

  • VoIP
  • IM (instant messaging)
  • Presents indication
  • Audio and video communication

The suggested UC platform includes the services of spam filtering, e-mail and massaging backup, backup of all the correspondences. The integration of UC with the office applications allows to receive quick search and access in a protected mode with role policies of the users for the necessary files and documents. Due to the “Live Meeting” service the employees can organize collective discussions, co-edit texts and make mathematical and financial calculations in the e-tables, what is more to do this in real-time independent from the location and work place by internet connection.

Bever UCM (Unified Communication Management) – is a unified innovational solution of the world leading hardware and software vendors (Microsoft®, IBM®, Cisco®, etc.) in a single platform of collaboration and organization of the employees’ work to increase work efficiency of the company.

The means of UC

  • Employee availability information (“Online”, “Away”, “At meeting”, “Busy”, etc.)
  • Calendar events information, mail reminders and notifications
  • Quick access to telephone numbers of the users, easy dial-up(one click) by IP-telephony. Integration with e-mail and calendar.
  • Instant and voice messaging in the absence of users in the network
  • Quick connection to the audio and video conferences and webinars
  • Documents and files sharing

Bever offersplanning, deployment and implementation of integrated communications and network environment for advanced means of collaboration, increasing the flexibility of management and providing company growth.

We also offer:

  • Developing company strategy and optimization of data network
  • Consulting, deployment and management of communications environments, and multiservice data networks, which provide the convergence of voice, video and data transmission protocols
  • Development and implementation of complex network infrastructures solutions, unifying various network environments and devices, such as servers, routers, switches and other network appliances.

Nowadays new developments in telecommunications and network technologies provide the companies almost unlimited opportunities to create business-advantages by performing business activity in any place and at any time. The UCM by the help of numerous appliances and channels of data network allow to create and support innovational business models, particularly efficient collaboration of the employees, mobility of users and services for the customers.

Bever Company supports the customers to solve the following tasks:

  • How to use communication channels and the network to reach strategic business advantages?
  • How to better support the mobile employees?
  • How to manage the data network appliances and organize the audio and video communications?
  • How to manage the UC and the IT infrastructure in a whole?
  • How to track the assets and manage the effectively?
  • How to build a correct network environment to optimize the collaboration of the employees?
  • How to reduce the total cost of ownership (capital and current expenses)?

The services Bever company offers among integrated communication are directed to solve the above mentioned tasks. Bever implements a broad spectrum of works of projecting and implementation, communications and network environment management for optimization and development of integrated business-communications, working at any place, any time, from any device in a protected mode. As a basis of the offered solutions are the innovational technologies of leading vendors, which are directed to support the key network environments and provide effective collaboration of the employees, customers and partners of the organization.

Our services on implementing UC will help to:

  • Create and develop new models of business processes management and reach competitive advantage
  • Optimization of IT infrastructure to gain economically effective productivity
  • Drive business at any time and any place by using various types of devices through a system of Unified Communications
  • Increase the productivity of the work of organization’s employees and working teams through the implementation of collaboration system
  • Create new opportunities increasing the efficiency of collaboration by the integration of voice, audio and data

Our Advantages

The services of Bever Company on implementation of integrated communication environment unifies the experience and knowledge of the company specialists and innovational solutions, accepted methodologies of world leading IT industry vendors, among which are IBM®, Cisco®, Microsoft®, as well as accepted industry methods and processes of management. All this helps to create highly efficient integrated communication environment for our customers, which will increase business flexibility and growth.

The broad spectrum of competencies and solutions of Bever Company experts and innovational-technical centers of IT industry leaders such as IBM, Cisco®, Microsoft®, etc. are unified in these services; and the broad capabilities and recognized achievements help our customer to optimize the communication network environments to reach competitive advantages.

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