Bever Company provides services of applications hosting (SaaS) – an innovational service by which provides user access to the programs, IT services and data located in the Data Center of Bever. The Hosting of such applications as Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, etc. allows using corporate applications saving from required capital and operation expenses on purchasing, setting, installation and maintenance. As the implementation of such systems requires considerable expenses, the end users prefer to purchase them as a hosting service from a corresponding service provider.

Our company may offer the hosting of such applications as:

  • E-mail
  • Unified Communications
  • Virtual Office (e-tables, document editors, etc.)
  • Enterprise Content Management System (ECM, electronic document flow, CRM, etc.)
  • Finance Management, Accounting and Reporting
  • File Servers,
  • Corporate Site Management
  • Data Backup and Restore Systems

Providing SaaS Bever Company ensures the reliability, required level of productivity, protection and security of data. To meet the SLA requirements the user access to the programs and data is organized by using modern technologies – VPN, terminal connection, etc., thus ensuring the secured mobile access to the system in any location, at any time and any device which has internet access

Of special interest is the terminal access which is a remote connection of client work places to the necessary computing resources through outer communication channels in a secured and protected mode. The advantage of using terminal station is the easy connection to all the computing resources at low operation costs.

What the customer gets, resorting to leasing IT resources:

  • Opportunity to work with expensive applications thus saving to 50% of the solution’s cost
  • Cutting costs of unexpected expenses on implementation, maintenance and system support
  • Cutting capital costs on purchasing expensive hardware and software for the staff and system maintenance
  • Operative implementation of the systems and receiving required IT services
  • Security of Confidential information
  • Warranted level of safety, productivity and security of the used applications and data
  • Continuity and high availability of the hosting applications

Bever implements projects on applications hosting of any complexity. Company Experts carry out audit and project study of the customer’s business objectives and develop a strategy of information system and offered services’ development, satisfying the needs of the customers, the development issues with minimal maintenance costs. The strategy of IT services development includes the detailed description of the provided service, coordinated with the customer, the architecture of the distributed information system (server applications and hosted data base, the structure of the virtual file server, the concept of clients’ access to applications, etc.). The "mixed" architecture is thus possible at which the part of IT-services is given as in a form of hosting and the other part continues to remain or is placed on customer’s site again.

The Data Center of "Bever" is an efficient and reliable platform to provide all necessary IT services to organize your customers’ business efficiency by automating the necessary business tasks.

We provide our customers:

  • Secure storage of corporate information
  • Powerful means and tools of corporate data development
  • Effective management of computing resources
  • Mobile access to the applications, services and corporate data in a protected and secure mode
  • Qualified services of applications hosting with a required productivity level
  • Providing unified communications to organize effective joint work for the customer’s employees

Bever – reliable partner, IT provider

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