Having a long term experience in developing software of different complexity Bever Company offers a wide range of services including all types of work, starting from projecting up to implementing and turns key solution software. The following phases should be mentioned:

Technical survey and audit of IT resources

The given task is quite an actual one as the customers usually lack the information about the information resources they have. Complex analysis of information system is carried out on the following phase, the present computing power, their quality is defined and the level of correspondence of the present IT infrastructure requirements and business tasks is explored.

Task definition and its formalization

The analysis of business processes and tasks are carried out on the given phase, which include particularly the study of normative basis and technical documentation; and the formalization of the tasks together with evaluation of the possible risks is implemented. As a result the technical task for the software development is prepared.

Specification Development

The further formalization of the requirements and specifications is prepared based on the formed technical task and the technical project is being prepared which includes particularly the following information:

  • IT-infrastructure, optimization and/or projecting
  • The conceptual model of the software. Selection of the technological platform of projecting and its justification
  • Database structure and the principles of information management
  • Dates and estimated costs of development, implementation and learning
  • Economical justification, preliminary estimate of the correspondence of the future system to the requirements of the technical task, dates of ROI, total cost of ownership, etc.

Encoding and software generation

This phase includes the whole range of works of the programmer’s group connected with projecting and encoding of the software components, generating the base with source technological data and integrating the whole software components in a single unified system.

Software testing

The software testing is a process of high importance, which includes a few phases:

  • testing separate modules
  • testing the complex software
  • testing the whole specification
  • reporting the implemented tests results
  • error checking and correction, retesting

Software implementation and maintenance

The given phase includes all the works connected with the reengineering and integration of new software with the present IT-infrastructure, migration of the software and data base in particular and their integration with other IT-components and computing resources. Further a complex testing, error correction and maintenance is performed together with the whole user documentations.

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