Information Technologies have more tangible influence on all the aspects of our life. The IT service called cloud computing is a new innovational direction capable of significantly reducing organization’s costs on IT infrastructure implementation and further maintenance, development by optimizing computing and working loads and IT services. According to IDC the public cloud computing market was $17mlrd in 2009 and about 5% of the whole market was Information technologies.

Cloud Computing has a high level of scalability and provides the users wide capabilities to create Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). The main feature of cloud computing is that the customer gets protected solution with a new level of services and scalability irrespective of the fact if he creates the own corporate cloud inside the company behind his firewall or apply to a cloud environment of an IT-provider.

Bever Company offers a broad range of cloud IT-services and services on configuration and providing the users computing resources (servers, routers, storage systems, applications and services), maximally meeting the present business requirements (Business on Demand).

According to “Cloud” technology the system users use all the necessary programs and data in the data center of the service provider. The administration is done through a simple and familiar to each user web browser.

John McCarthy can be considered the inventor of cloud computing, who considered in the 60s that in future the computing will be produced by means of generally available utilities.

The prototype of cloud computing system is the mainframe (are mainly produced by IBM) in the original form, which were huge computers with super possibilities.

When is it convenient to use «cloud» services?

Cloud computing is advantageous to use when there are increased demands for continuity, reliability of systems with limited resources. "Cloud" technology is also advantageous to use when the company needs computing resources in a limited period of time (e.g. temporary project, application testing, etc.).

Financial and operational advantages of cloud computing

In the modern world both the home and international companies began to use the cloud computing. The advantage of such computing is obvious and their correct usage allows you to have a new look at the usage of leading innovational technologies and their valuable benefits. You can notice the most obvious strategical advantage by looking through such aspects of company activity as finance and operations.

"Cloud Computing" Main Advantages

An Indisputable advantage of using "Cloud" is in significantly reducing capital expenses and costs on IT infrastructure maintenance. (There is no necessity to purchase expensive server hardware, integrate systems of uninterruptible work – ventilation, air-conditioning, fire fighting, uninterruptible power supply, physical security etc, maintain an IT staff, pay the expenses of electricity).

If an organization deploys a local IT infrastructure, it can get some savings just by eliminating the purchase of additional server hardware using virtualization technology.

Another advantage of using the "cloud" technology is a significant reduction in terms of implementation of IT projects and implementation of IT and enterprise.

Using cloud services allows to quickly broaden the IT services range in the process of customer business development and increasing the number of tasks to be solved or their change.

The scalability of the organization’s business by the help of cloud computing allows to get the necessary computing power and additional IT services in the shortest terms depending on the customer requirements. At absence of high requirements when there is no need to of large scale computing resources the capacity decreases, which allows efficient use of budget and flexible management of ongoing costs.

As cloud IT service provider Bever offers a wide range of services, technological platforms and soklutions for the organizations of different branches of economy, offering solutions which maximally meet the present activity specification of the concrete organization.

Bever cloud platform is based on implementing and providing the following works and services:

  • Building a cloud model, describing in details the types and characters of services, which the cloud will provide to the users
  • Automation of required service providing processes on user’s demand
  • Dynamic reallocation of computing resources (the number of server processors, memory, etc.) and scale of services provided
  • Accounting for the consumption of resources, reporting and data analysis.
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