Optimization, planning, design, and construction of effective data centers.

The objective of designing a data center (DC) and an IT infrastructure of organizations is to provide the achievement of the following main goals:

  • Reduce current operation costs,

  • Increase the capacity of DC to increase the required performance,

  • Easy adjustment for implement new business processes,

  • Increase fails tolerance level, continuity and safety of the information system

непрерывности и безопасности функционирования информационной системы.

Bever Company’s services in DC developing strategy are directed to optimize and create systems of high efficiency and safety, including the preliminary pricing for preparing the building, engineer infrastructure (cooling, uninterruptable power supply, alarm and fire systems) and implementing necessary hardware and software.

While designing DC Bever performs consolidation of IT resources to define the optimal investments, providing safety, scalability, required productivity of the computing systems.

Skills and knowledge of the company specialists are directed to support the customers in solving their problems connected with the effective implementation of IT-infrastructure to achieve optimal manageability and minimal service costs.

The constantly expanding service of our company allows you to create a dynamically protected IT-infrastructure and reduce maintenance costs.

We always choose the best industry solution for the companies of each size.

Bever solutions enable users to achieve compliance with the IT infrastructure of the business objectives and strategic goals, reducing maintenance costs, downtime and ensuring business continuity.

Together with us you can manage the entire process of planning, projecting and building data centers.

To deploy data centers and create IT-infrastructures Bever offers a wide range of services and different approaches of projecting depending on the concrete tasks and already existing information system. Among the mentioned services are:

  • Development of the information system architecture according to the created development strategy and based on the carried out audit of the existing system and its management modules

  • Development and reengineering of the network layout and telecommunication infrastructure, construction of structured cable system (SCS), local and distributed corporate networks, data networks.

  • Power systems, ventilation and security systems (video surveillance, fire fighting, access control to the data center, etc.).

  • Projecting the architecture of information processing and storage system, building a data center. Building reserve and remote data centers to increase business continuity and system reliability.

  • Unified communications systems (IP-telephony, video communication). Building contact centers.

  • Planning, deployment, installation, setting of the software (operational systems, server and client applications, users accounts, role policy, system services, administering tools, information system management)

  • Planning, deployment, installation and setting office applications and organizing the user’s workplace (e-mail, access to the files and documents, messaging, audio-video conference, collaboration, intranet and employees’ effective collaboration in the customer’s company)

  • Implementing application systems of business-tasks and business-processes automation (ERP, CRM, HRM, electronic document flow) and integrating the applications in a unique information environment.

  • training the customer staff, consulting and system maintenance.

As the basis for Bever Company’s infrastructure solutions are:

creating IT resources and services management system according to the world best experience and IT IL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards.

In the solutions we offer, we use the products of the leading companies in IT industry, among which are IBM®, Microsoft®,Cisco®, Intel®, HP®, Symantec®

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