Wholesale trade and distribution

For wholesale and distribution organizations Bever Company offers complex solution built on Microsoft Dynamics. At present Microsoft company is the market leader among ERP systems and according to the international expert organizations takes leading places in particular by implementations in the sphere of trade.

Nowadays distributors work in a highly competitive market, the requirements to be customer focused and quickly changing market are becoming crucial in organizing successful distribution and remain competitive in a very low margin. Therefore actual are the solutions of such tasks as:

  • Timely placement of orders, performing delivery and providing required service level
  • Optimal management of inventory and exception of overloads (overstocking)
  • Reducing expenditures at preforming business tasks while organizing the distribution
  • Management of assets and turnover means

Microsoft Dynamics platform allows to efficiently solve various tasks faced by the companies. Bever solution based on Microsoft Dynamics platform allows the wholesale companies to:

  • Quickly and effectively process the requests;
  • Flexibly respond on the quickly changing customers requirements and implement new services and operations;
  • Operatively respond to the changing market
  • Automate the whole process of distribution management – placing an order, managing the purchases, organizing the delivery, managing sales and marketing activity
  • Support in decision making in logistics, shipping, stock-keeping, coordination of dealer geographic distributed network and sales management while organizing routs of delivery

Solution on Microsoft Dynamics platform includes support of collaboration with suppliers and customers, managing the products flows, planning the shipping and delivery, conducting the corresponding document flow and registration of payments.

For the wholesale organization of high importance are the issues of business-analytics and forecasting. Analytical capabilities of the solution allow to:

  • Forecast sales and planning the shipments
  • Order management, inventory and reducing current expenditures

Retails trade

Retail Trade is a highly competitive business, the success of which depends on effective organization of acquiring and analyzing information about the customer, market requirements and current tasks.

Microsoft® Dynamics solution takes into account all the peculiarities of retail trade and allows to automate the management of the whole trade network and corresponding tasks necessary to operative decision making.

Bever solution for retail trade, built on Microsoft® Dynamics, IBM® Cognos and IBM SPSS allows receive actual data about the products, users and their needs. Intellectual platforms of leading vendors give the opportunity to manage the retail trade during the whole sales cycle – purchase, delivery, providing various types of services and warranty service.

Bever offers a wide range of IBM POS terminals, for trade and customer service combining high productivity, reliability and flexibility of configuration

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