Bever offers a wide range of services for educational sector – projecting IT infrastructure to implement complex solutions connecting educational institutions, teachers, learners and their families in a unified information system. The implementation of the mentioned systems allows to significantly increase the efficiency of learning process and quality of education.

Among the solutions offered by Bever company for educational sector are:

  • Upgrading IT infrastructure in educational institutions (building sever rooms, hardware setting and software installation, as well as specialized equipment - projectors, interactive screens, etc.)
  • Development of information system managing the educational process management
  • Automation of administrative-managerial activity of the educational institution and control of the education quality. Accounting and finance, purchase of necessary materials
  • Planning the learning process, registration of the timetable. Registration of employees and learners
  • Organizing the work of acceptance board, e-testing and automation of educational institution enrollment process
  • Implementing security and electronic access systems (access registration by plastic cards, issuing temporary omissions, electronic record of entering and exiting individuals)

The solution of the specified tasks can be made by creating a unified information educational portal – as a tool of organizing efficient interaction of all the components of educational processes – teachers and instructors, students and learners, as well as their parents. Bever company develops portals for educational sector based on Microsoft - SharePoint 2010, ASP.NET, .Framework 3.0, SQL Server 2008.

The automation in educational sector will allow:

  • Parents:

    • Controlattendanceandprogressofthelearners and pupils;
    • Seethe marks in time;
    • Communicate with the teacher in an online mode;
    • Operativelyget all the actual information connected with the educational process, events in an educational institution, notifications and messaging.
  • Teachers:

    • Effectivelyusethemeansofautomationtopresenttheeducationalmaterialsandmanuals
    • Givemarks and comment in an electronic diary of the learner;
    • Useelectronicregisterofprogress;
    • Automatically track the progress and attendance of the learner and quickly get average marks according to the different indicators of progress of the learner;
    • For the average point of the learner for each subject;
  • Directors:

    • Effectively manage the whole educational process
    • Formthe schedule and monitor the implementation of the curriculum in all disciplines
    • Managetheprocessofcreatingelectronicmethodical materials, their approval and publishing
    • Control the attendance and general discipline
    • Planvariouseventsandmanagetheirconduct
    • Analyzeandevaluate various data and form statistic reporting by the help of advanced means of automation
    • Store the history of institutions for further analytical work;
    • Givemarks and comment in the electronic diary of the learner;
    • Use the electronic register of progress;
  • Learners:

    • Use the accessible electronic portal
    • Geteasy and effective access to the necessary methodical materials
    • Be informed in questions of own progress through online access to portal
    • Get information on planned activities, elective classes and events at school


In Bever company's innovation center company experts regularly hold seminars, presentations and customer training on a wide range of issues and topics in information technology. These courses are designed for a wide range of users – IT specialists, system administrators, directors of different departments of organizations, students specializing in IT and individual users.

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