Modern medical institutions are characterized by the level of the e-services they provide to the patients who need medical care (prophylactic observation, diagnosis and treatment. Bever Company continuously expands the functional capabilities of its own developments in IT which can benefit in solving this task.

Bever implements modern technologies in healthcare allowing to combine industry knowledge and newest achievements in IT industry to effectively solve the tasks of healthcare institutions. The implementation of these solutions are to increase the quality and availability of medical services by atomizing medical documents’ management (registration cards, medical history, etc.) and usage of video and audio conference call and telemedicine technologies.

Bever offers a wide range of solutions for medicine: accounting-normative tasks and automation of workplace of the medical staff, analytical systems providing management of medical institutions and regional subdivisions management. Bever employees permanently develop expert knowledge in automation of medicine which gives significant advantages in solving actual and first-priority tasks of this sphere.

Bever Solutions for the sphere of medicine are based on the accepted international standards, norms and rules and information technologies in healthcare.

Among Bever customers are international medical centers, hospitals, non-commercial and commercial medical centers, private clinics and the pharmaceutical companies, healthcare administrations.

Main objectives that Bever Company solves:

  • Maintain database of the patients (registration cards), medical history, treatment processes and results.
  • Developing accounting-normative information for the medical institution’s management
  • Planning and management of medical service (consulting, patients visits, outpatient and preventive treatment)
  • Budget management, analysis and reporting
  • Human resource management. Training and testing the medical staff
  • Asset management (medical equipment, медицинское оборудование, preparation, etc.)
  • Accounting the licenses and certificates
  • Operative inventory and control of the expiry dates of the medical products

Bever pays special attention to the organization of interactive video calls, allowing professionals and medical institutions to conduct joint quality diagnosis and treatment of patients, and to share professional knowledge and experience. Besides telemedicine and video call first of all save time and money escaping the need of frequent business trips and trainings of the specialists. In particular telemedicine is vital tool supporting the patients in distant places when they need urgent consulting and diagnosis. To solve these tasks Bever Company offers own development - Bever Portal, in which lies the concept of collaboration and effective collaboration between the medical staff. The system also includes the concept of “Mobile Doctor” allowing healthcare professionals to quickly connect to the system at any time and from any place and obtain information in real-time. For the convenience of work it is suggested to use modern communication platforms, such as mobile devices with wireless internet connection, sensor screen and long operating time on batteries.

Our Advantages

The sphere of medicine has always been the focus of attention of Bever Company and permanent development and improvements of approaches and solutions of IT technologies usage in healthcare are of first-priority directions at our company. Among the main advantages of Bever company for solving the actual tasks in healthcare are:

  • Deep technological and industry knowledge of company professionals
  • long-term experience in participating and performing projects of various scales
  • long-term partnership with the world leaders in IT industry – IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel , HP, etc.
  • development and implementation of solutions based on innovational technologies and platforms of leading manufacturers of IT industry and healthcare
  • using internationally accepted standards, norms and rules in medical institutions
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