Bever offers integrated IT solutions for organizations involved in capital construction, sale and leasing of residential, commercial, office and industrial space. The construction market differs with high competitiveness and requires the use of efficient method of managing construction organizations, and IT technologies implementation is the necessary condition for investment attractiveness of the company.

Beversolutions for constructing organizations are built on Microsoft (Dynamics®, SharePoint® ) and solve such tasks as:

  • Managementofinvestmentsin real estate;
  • Planning, budgeting and control of the performed projects construction works;
  • Management of real estate objects and assets;
  • Managingrelationship with the customers and suppliers;
  • Financialmanagementacrossthe construction holding;
  • Managingprojectdocumentation, analyticsand reporting

The directors of construction organization using IT solutions based on MicrosoftDynamics got an opportunity to operatively make important financial and management decision across the separate departments as well as in a whole holding.

Main Advantages of MicrosoftDynamics

1. Analysis of investment activity

Microsoft Dynamics solutions allow the users to analyze market tendencies, get information about the competitors and forecast the cost of construction works. Impelmentation of IT solutions significantly make it easier to make decisions about the projetc's parameters and its start, as well as allow to effectively manage the solution of such tasks as:

  • Forming the construction stages;
  • Forming investment budget and payment schedule;
  • Forming the cost of the construction object;
  • Distributing the expanditure of construction objects;
  • Analyis of recoupment of the construction objects;
  • Analysis of the investment strategy of the project, assessment of investment effectiveness.

2. Project Management

Efficient management of material and financial resources and the analysis of projects; performance are the key tasks that are necessary to be solved by the comapny directors.

Microsoft Dynamics platform includes advacned means of automating the mentioned tasks:

  • Plan and control the stages of project performance works;
  • Plam amd control the budget usage;
  • Control the implementation of tasks given to the employees working at the project;
  • Getstatisticsoftheproject; budgetexecution, controlthestages’ period, delayed tasks, etc.

Bythe help of MicrosoftDynamicsthe managers and directors of the whole organization can always have the most up-to-date and actual information about the current situation of projects’ performance.

3. Budgeting

Theimplementation of construction projects is difficult to imagine without the use of various means of budgeting, planning and managing the lifecycle of projects’ performance. The solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics platform allows to manage the budgeting process and provides accounting and minimize the expenses of project performance at all stages – signing an investment agreement and finishing construction works.

Using information systems of budgeting and payments the managers of constructing companies will always have actual and up-to-date information during the project which will help to make operative managerial decisions.

4. Customer Relationship Management

MicrosoftDynamics– isahighlytechnologicalplatformtomanagecustomerrelationship. By the help of this platform you can create database of customers and relationship history, as well as all the information about the delivered services and sold/lased real estates. The advanced means of the platform will help you to manage companies all the relationship with the customer: first agreements, agreements on purchasing or leasing real estate, etc.


BelowarethemainreasonswhytheuserschoosetheMicrosoftDynamicsplatform (accordingtotheMicrosoftexpertswhoworkwithconstructionorganizations):

  • MicrosoftDynamicsconsolidates all the data about the customers and shows picture in a whole.
  • MicrosoftDynamics — is first of all advanced system of sales management. Usersseetherelationshiphistory, current status of relationship, possible prospects of sales.
  • Theanalytical functions of Microsoft Dynamics allows to see the possible sales opportunities and more profitable customers, see the market tendencies, define the prospects of new products and servcies.
  • Microsoft Dynamics applications provide mobile work in a protected mode.
  • Microsoft Dynamics helps the sales managers to organize their work – keeprecordsandplantheirworks (calls, meetings with the customers, etc.) to make a commercial offer in time, inform the customer about a new service, etc.
  • Microsoft® Dynamics allows the delimit the access rights to the important corporate information for each department or user thus providing high level of information security and data safety.
  • анализ инвестиционной стратегии проекта, оценка эффективности инвестиций.
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