Bevercompany service center offers a broad range of services of repair, setting, and technical service for computer equipment and information systems.

Our Advantages

  • Service and technical support of IT equipment and infrastructure of the customer
  • On-site support at customer’splace
  • IT audit and monitoring of the information system
  • Planning, deployment, installation, setting the system and network software (OS, utilities, drivers, program components managing the IT infrastructure)
  • Configuring the LAN and Internet connection
  • Data backup, storage and recovery
  • Support for security and information system safety

Servicesupport, performed by Bever Company, is directed to provide continuous work of the corporate network, IT services, hardware and software. Serving difficult information system with a considerable quantity of hardware and software we provide high quality, professional maintenance and technical support in compliance with service quality standards.

Having highly qualified and certified specialists Bever company’s service center offers the customers the whole range of services and technical support of the customer’s IT infrastructure.

The services of the technical support and service center are directed to solve the following tasks:

  • Reducingtotal cost of ownership of IT infrastructure;
  • Providing uninterruptible work for the hardware and software components of the IT information system and IT services;
  • Minimizing the downtime;
  • Prompt removal of failures;
  • Reducing risks of equipment failure;
  • Increasing the productivity of the systems.

Bever is an IBM Authorized Service Provider and has ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

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