Microsoft® Dynamics CRM Licensing and Use Right.

Cloud Licensing (hosting)

Bever Company offers the end users access to Microsoft software by subscription based on monthly payments. Besides, the user pays monthly only for the quantity of licenses he needs. For example, when the production is highly demanded the quantity of managers may be increased and then decreased during “slack” period thus reducing the number of users and expenses. This license type is called Subscriber Access License (SAL). There are two types of SAL licenses: full access and read-only access.

The read-only licenses may be useful for the executives and managers, which do not enter data in the system and only read it. This kind of license is cheaper than the full access license. In case of hosting for the end users there is no need of initial (capital) investments in acquiring software.

Licensing in case of stand-alone use

The installation of Microsoft® Dynamics CRM on the server of the customer includes server and client licenses (user licenses). The quantity of necessary server licenses is defined by the quantity of Microsoft Dynamics CRM server applications used for work and the quantity of client (Client Access License (CAL)) and/or device licenses (Device CAL) (computers, pocket PC, smartphones or tablet PC) in network, which have access to the system.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM server license editions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM server licenses are in two editions: CRM Workgroup Server and CRM Server. From the point of view of functionality these two editions are quite the same, but CRM Workgroup Server edition supports the work of not more than five users, which are already included in the license cost. Additionally buying special licenses (“step-up”) the users can easily step up from Workgroup Server to CRM Server.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client Access License Editions

Client Access License (CAL) is divided into two types: user CAL and device CAL.

  • User CAL allows the same user to work with the system from any device (computer, notebook, smartphone, etc.)

  • Device CAL allows any quantity of users sequaciously work with the system from the one and the same device. This scheme is used in companies where, for example, operators work in shifts.

The users who work in a read-only mode i.e. they do not change data, they can use read-only licenses. These licenses can be User Limited CAL and/or Device Limited CAL.

It is allowed to simultaneously use different types of client licenses of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in one instance.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Licenses for External Connectors

Sometimes it is necessary to give access to CRM external users, for example customers, partners or suppliers. In this case it is necessary to purchase special license which is called External Connector (EC), it allows to get access to Microsoft Dynamics system data any quantity of external users without any limitations.

But if external use also assumes the use of other server products (Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint, etc.) in this case the licensing use rights of these products shall be acquired separately (both server and client licenses).

The following users do not have the right to use EC:

  • Internal users, including employees of the company;

  • External users, who are the employees of the company or perform the work given by the company;

  • External users who use client of Microsoft Outlook, web client or mobile client of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The External Connector licenses may not be used with CRM Workgroup Server editions. External Connector licenses as well as CALs may grant full access and read-only access.


Getting access to data or functions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM from another application (e.g. viewing sales reports or editing price-list through corporate portal which is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM) is called multiplexing. Through multiplexing you work with data and functions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM without being a user of the system.

In case of multiplexing the presence of the licenses for all users (devices) having access to the data and functions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is mandatory. The exceptions are cases when the data of CRM system are presented in a static format without a direct connection with the system, e.g. it will be displayed as a report in PDF format.

In case of multiplexing the internal users must have client licenses (full access or read-only).

In case of multiplexing of external users it is required to purchase External Connector (for access through web-browser, mobile devices or Microsoft Outlook).

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 licenses may be purchased by the following main licensing programs:

  • Open License;

  • Open Value;

  • Open Value Subscription;

Please contact to Sales Department (Software Group, SWG) of Bever Company to choose the licensing type and calculate the necessary number of licenses for your organization.

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