Among the main advantages the followings should be mentioned: customer focused, multi-profile, branch knowledge

Bever as a customer-focused company

Bever company’s specialists actively interact with the customers and partners, at all the stages of the projects to be carried out, whose recommendations, branch knowledge and practical experience are the basis of successful solutions of the tasks and preconditions for long-term strategic relations .

We offer our customers services on audit and consulting for creating IT-strategies of development, providing stability and business continuity, reducing present expenses and expenditure for IT infrastructure maintenance.

The tasks that we solve are based on the tendencies of market and economy branches’ development. ки.

Bever as a multi-profile company

The main advantage of Bever as a multi-profile company is that it contains a wide range of products, solutions and services from consulting and IT-audit up to complex projecting and developing information and engineering systems of any complexity. To implement similar projects of primary importance are the tasks of integration of different components of the IT-infrastructure and engineering system in a united complex. The solution of the mentioned task is possible by organizing a close cooperation between Bever specialists and our partners working at different areas and developing the competency of Bever company in the widest directions in particular:

  • Administrative and business consulting
  • Data processing centers and multiservice networks
  • Engineering infrastructures
  • Automation of business-processes and application programs.

The solutions offered by Bever differ by their universality and flexibility and are based on the open branch standards.

Bever and Innovations. Competency Center.

Bever Company creates and promotes solutions based on the newest innovative technologies and developments of our partners –worldwide manufacturers of IT industry. The Competency Center of Bever Company was created for the following purposes the key tasks of which are implementing intellectual technologies for different branches of economy, particularly:

  • "Smart" systems in the government, ecology, healthcare and education
  • The newest developments for telecommunication and financial sector
  • Transport and city infrastructure management, etc.
  • Implementation of effective management systems for construction, trade, industries and manufacturers of products

As well as

  • Providing information systems safety and risk minimization
  • Developing innovative products and services, exceeding customer requirements
  • Optimization of work and increasing work efficiency of the employees.

Success story. Our knowledge

High responsibility and corporative discipline, well coordinated work of the whole team, branch knowledge and competencies, acquiring new technologies and innovations , active cooperation with partners and customers this is not the full list of the basic components which provide high qualified completion of projects of any complexity and make our company successful.

Bever company distinguishes the following features:

  • Competencies by the wide spectrum of directions: from consulting up to implementation of solutions in the sphere of innovative communicative technologies
  • Professionalism and qualification of the specialists and rich branch knowledge of implementing projects
  • Development and practical usage of new technologies and innovations in service-oriented directions of business
  • Deep knowledge in industry specifications of the customer from sphere of the management, manufacturing, logistics, health care and education.

The leadership of Bever in IT industry is proven by a number of certificates and honors from world leading manufacturers of IT industry.

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