The Company was established in 1998 by the specialists and engineers of Yerevan Automated Control Systems Scientific Research Institute. From the beginning of the establishment Bever was specializing as a system integrator, service and solution provider in the IT sphere. Bever (“Pole” in English), has immediately declared about itself as a Company of innovations, with the slogan “On the Poles of Real Solutions” reflects readiness to promote new technologies and solutions in Armenian market based on products of the Partners Companies and World Leaders - Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, HP, Symantec, APC, 3Com, Cisco, Linksys, H3C, Netgear, etc.


  • The Company opens its laboratory for assembling and testing computer and server equipments. In the same time bases of conducting a corporate policy are put and the basic directions of work have been defined: projecting and complex supply of computer equipments, servers, and network equipments, developing and installing software for organizations and companies in Armenia.


  • Company becomes an APC Partner and promotes the products and solutions providing uninterruptible power supply for computer equipments. Bever supplies three-phase industrial UPS Power ware for Central Bank of Armenia and carries out corresponding projecting and maintenance services of the whole computer park and cable structuring system.


  • Company becomes a VERITAS Partner in Armenia, and promotes solutions on building reserve copying, archive, back-up and data recovery systems in the market. During the same period the company carries out a number of projects for State Institutions and organizations of mid and small business on supplying equipments and organization’s IT infrastructure development.


  • Company becomes a partner of Intel, 3Com, Symantec Corporations. Bever carries out a number of works under won tenders (including outsourcing, projecting and assembling computer equipments in Russian Armenian Slavic University).


  • Company becomes a partner of world leader solution providers: Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, and H3C Corporations. Company participates in number of large-scale projects on introduction of business-process automation systems and complex construction of data-processing centers and IT Infrastructure. Bever starts strategical cooperation on allocation of IT services with a number of large companies from the public and financial sectors as well as business and management. Bever carries out a number of seminars with IBM for customers of financial sector and also participates in conferences and seminars held by Microsoft, Oracle, HP Corporations. Company successfully passes certification of quality management according to ISO9001 carried out by BUREAU VERITAS.


  • Bever performs a number of large-scale projects of implementing IT infrastructure and Data Center based on the hardware and innovational technologies of IBM®, Cisco®, Intel®, Microsoft®. Bever opened an Innovation Center to organize seminars, presentations and conferences on innovational technologies and IT solutions.


  • A new department was founded – Bever Development Center

    Bever develops new application areas:

    • Unified communications systems based on IBM®, Cisco® and Microsoft®
    • Business Analysis and reporting based on IBM® Cognos, IBM® SPSS, Microsoft® Dynamics platforms
    • Development of customer relationship management system based on Microsoft® SQL,Dynamics, ASP.NET platforms
    • Development of portal solutions for the e-documentflow based on Microsoft® Sharepoint,Microsoft® Dynamics CRM
  • At present the company realizes the process of implementation of Information Security Management System certification on ISO27000.
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